About Abide Maternity Home

Abide Maternity Home provides help and hope through housing for pregnant and parenting women, weekly personal coaching for men and women, and community outreach. We envision lives redeemed out of circumstances into hope and a new future...the breaking of destructive cycles. Susie's story is a perfect example; keep reading!

Abide is guided by four big ideas:

LIFE: We recognize the inherent value of every life.
LOVE: We love others because Christ first loved us.
DISCIPLESHIP: We see spiritual formation as the basis for true joy.
TRANSFORMATION: We believe cycles can be broken and lives changed.

Now, back to Susie. Imagine being faced with this decision: leave your home or lose your child. That was the choice before Susie when the Department of Child Safety learned of the abuse being perpetrated on Susie by her baby's father. Her reality was that with nowhere to go, she would be homeless, and therefore lose her daughter to DCS either way.

But God! Susie enrolled in the Abide program, graduated, and is now thriving. She has given her life to Christ and models a godly lifestyle to her little girl. She has a new career, new home, reliable transportation, newly acquired parenting skills, and a savings account. We're so grateful that Susie's child will never know a life of abuse in the home. The cycle has been broken.

Lives are saved - lives are changed - through partnerships with folks like you!

Contact Person: Michele Evans

Phone Number: 928-567-LIFE

Visit Website: https://www.abidematernityhome.com/

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