A movement of collaboration among many to meet the needs of many

Overwhelmed by all the needs you see in our state?

There is a simple and practical way to start to meeting these needs! The Impact AZ Cares program brings together people who need help and people who can offer help. Through our
network, connecting givers with needs has never been easier. Our program connects
donors to a family or individual in crisis by funding a real-time need.

Impact AZ connects donors with ministries focused on areas they are passionate about and in turn those ministries match real needs of actual people with the donors. Did you know it’s also possible to join our program and give through the Arizona tax credit program? This AZ tax credit allows tax payers to direct their tax dollars to causes they would like to support; givers also receive a dollar-for-dollar credit toward state taxes.

  • 28 organizations participate
  • Over 5,000 new tax credit givers
  • Over $3 Million in tax credit income
  • Over $1.1 Million increase in tax credit gifts from the previous year’s totals

Impact AZ provides non-profit leaders with tools and a community to help them raise more money through tax credit gifts and grow their non-profit work.

Training & Tools

One-on-one consulting to develop best strategies for donor development.

Marketing Resources

Tax credit specific video, website and digital marketing support.

Access to Experts

Training events led by industry experts on key topics and concerns in fundraising.

$100k in Grant Dollars

Qualified organizations compete for prizes based on size of organization, new tax credit donors gained and new tax credits dollars given.

Not sure how tax credit gifts work? Check out this video to learn more!

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together