Helping Arizona’s Christian ministries and charities achieve more mission

Why Impact?

For over 5 years Impact AZ has convened Arizona’s most impactful ministries and charities serving and providing opportunities for non-profit leaders as they serve the thousands of people impacted by their work.

Arizona is facing many challenges related to foster care, homelessness, education, healthcare, and countless others. There are thousands of Arizonans in need and the groups Impact AZ partners with are dedicated to addressing these problems.

Impact AZ provides non-profit leaders with valuable coaching, training, tools, and resources that they otherwise might not be able to access.

Charitable tax-credit giving

Learn how to maximize Arizona’s charitable tax-credit giving opportunity.

Training & Tools

Leverage Impact AZ resources to understand industry best practices and topics.


Foster collaboration among groups and key churches, leaders, and donors in Arizona.

Access to Experts

One-on-one consulting with AmPhil and other local leaders to develop best strategies.

$300k+ in Grant Dollars

Program grants aimed at encouraging and inspiring collaboration between organizations and capacity-building grants aimed at strengthening organization advancement programs.

Overwhelmed by all the needs you see in our state?

There is a simple and practical way to start to meeting these needs! Everyone has to pay taxes and in Arizona there are over 900 Tax Credit eligible nonprofits. Impact AZ desires to motivate ministries and givers to take full advantage of Arizona’s generous tax credit program that allows tax payers to direct their tax dollars to causes they would like to support; givers also receive a dollar-for-dollar credit toward state taxes.

Since its inception, Impact AZ member organizations have raised a total of $6 million in tax credit donations. And the program has incentivized member non-profits to increase the tax credit donations they’ve raised by $1.75 million, above their baseline of annual donations.

Not sure how tax credit gifts work? Check out this video to learn more!

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