What is Impact AZ?

Impact AZ is a local grant initiative that provides training, coaching, marketing
resources, access to experts in the non-profit industry, and a grant pool to
selected non-profit organizations. The program is designed to help Christian,
tax credit eligible, non-profit organizations become healthier, stronger by
connecting givers with real-time needs while maximizing the use of the AZ
State Tax Credit.

How does Impact AZ determine grant awards?

The Grants awards will be based on your total tax-credit dollars gained over the previous calendar year. The more you raise, the higher percentage of the grant pool dollars you are eligible for. AND – the greater amount of money that will be raised to benefit everyone.

What is the AZ Charitable Organization Tax Credit?

The state of Arizona has a unique program that allows taxpayers to give a “tax
credit” gift (up to $400 for an individual and $800 for a married couple*) to
charities they’d like to support. This donation serves as a dollar-for dollar credit
applied to the taxpayers’ state tax liability. As an example:

  • State taxes owed: $850
  • Donation to an eligible charity: $800
  • State taxes now owed: $50

Click HERE to see the complete on-line list of IRS-approved “Qualifying Charitable Organizations.”

*For Foster Care Charitable Organizations, the amounts are $500 and $1,000.
Donors may give to BOTH a Charitable Organization AND a Foster Care
Charitable Organization in the same tax year.

Who should I contact with additional questions about Impact AZ?

Feel free to email our Impact AZ team directly HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!