Incentivizing organizations to Partner

Using the Public/Private AZ State Tax Credit Program

  • 2 targeted dates to push tax credit fundraising
    1. Month of December
    2. March 15th-April 15th

Creating RFP’s that allow groups to partner to meet specific needs

  • Categories will be pre-determined
  • Urban and Rural focus encouraged
  • Needs must be met by partnership with another organization
  • Special consideration given to groups who form public/private partnerships
  • Grant’s will be available up to $25K

Fundraising assistance

Includes access and information about foundation, corporate and government grant programs; and, the development of new and creative fundraising partnerships.

Connections and Advocacy

Build on existing relationships and awareness among public officials and other community leaders to highlight and promote the effectiveness of Impact AZ's partner organizations in meeting public needs -- while ministering in our neighborhoods and communities.


Facilitate and expand the outreach of member organizations -- both among the group and with complementary ministries in the communities where they serve to create a more effective web of care, ministry and support for people in need.

Overall objective?

✔ Increase the use of the AZ State Tax credit program
✔ Encourage organizations to collaborate and work together for greater impact
✔ Connect organizations to public monies and partnerships they might otherwise not have access too